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HTC Vive VR Helmet – Your Way to Immerse into the World of VR


Glasses or a helmet of the virtual reality is a device that allows you not only to view the picture (video), but also to immerse yourself in what is happening by getting a 3D picture. Such devices have the appearance of a box with lenses or a plastic casing equipped with a screen with a partition. An image is displayed on the screen, separate for each eye, which allows you to enjoy a “stay” in virtual reality.

For today in the market it is possible to find the big choice of helmets and glasses of a virtual reality for smart phones. Manufacturers have stepped far ahead and turned an uncomfortable box with lenses into a device that is easily and securely attached to the head, allows you to fine-tune the image, install the phone and run a video or game in a couple of minutes. The device is equipped with aspherical lenses, which can be adjusted, approaching or distancing them from the eye. The image that the user sees is fed from the smartphone, and the picture quality will depend on the screen resolution and color rendering. In advanced models you can download and watch movies, videos, share photos and pass games in a different genre.

The basic principles of the virtual helmet (glasses) for PCs are similar to those for smartphones. The difference lies in the way the image is transferred to the screen of glasses. To do this, you need to connect them to the computer using a cable. The picture is transmitted via HDMI, and the gyro connection is made via a USB cable. Sound can be fed from both speakers and headphones. To use the glasses, you will need to install the necessary applications and programs that are free or sold in online stores from the manufacturer.

The virtual reality helmet HTC Vive is currently the most advanced helmet on the market. HTC Vive is a virtual reality helmet that is developed in the joint production of HTC and Valve Corporation. Valve for virtual reality glasses developed controllers that give the player a deeper effect of immersing in the virtual world by providing an additional method of manipulating in virtual space. The principle of action can be compared with PS Move. They react to movement in space, to turn, tilt, take into account the acceleration of motion. If you are looking to buy HTC Vive virtual glasses in Israel, learn more about them in a YouTube video.
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